SepsiTest BLAST

About Us

Molzym is a manufacturer of innovative products for molecular diagnostics. Based on proprietary, patented technologies, Molzym’s kits and molecular diagnostic tools focus on the selective isolation of pathogen DNA from whole blood, robust and contamination-free PCR reagents and the molecular detection and identification of bacteria and fungi.
SepsiTest™ is a broad-range PCR test developed and manufactured by Molzym. The rapid screening test recently has received CE-IVD-marking according European in-vitro diagnostic directive (EN ISO 98/79/EG) and is now available for routine sepsis diagnostics. SepsiTest™ has been verified on a broad spectrum of more than 345 sepsis-relevant pathogens. SepsiTest™ is, thus, the first PCR test detecting all relevant sepsis-causing strains in one test. More ...


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