SepsiTest BLAST


SepsiTest™ BLAST is a web-based tool for the rapid classification of single (partial) small subunit rRNA sequences. It was specifically designed for the identification of pathogens but SepsiTest™ BLAST may also be used for other identification purposes (in e.g. environmental microbiology, food microbiology, quality control).

The following scheme briefly summarizes the functions and features of SepsiTest™ BLAST:

Compared to common tools for sequence-based identification of DNA sequences such as NCBI-BLAST, the focus of SepsiTest™ BLAST is on providing a much faster and more advantageous tool which particularly facilitates the interpretation of the results. Based on optimized filtering criteria, the most similar sequence within a high-quality reference database will be reported, including full species name, the corresponding family, and a link to the original entry in the public repositories. On demand, also an extended list of additional hits can be displayed.

SepsiTest™ BLAST is designed for routine applications which require (i) reliable results based on high-quality reference data and (ii) straightforward usage to avoid an unnecessary workload.

SepsiTest™ BLAST does not represent a "black box"! The content of the reference database is fully transparent and in accordance with highest scientific standards.

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